Learning is a continuum.

Born and raised in Visalia, Mr. Bigler attended public school at Elbow Creek, Valley Oak and Golden West, then studied Anthropology at Fresno Pacific; yet his true education began when he became a teacher. Mr. Bigler has loved teaching since 2002, but he will tell you that he is not a teacher but a student.  His first year teaching clarified how much he had to learn. He began his career at a continuation school in Sanger with fifteen students, all affiliated with gangs. He knew nothing about gangs. He still knows nothing about gangs. The only thing that he knew for sure that year was that he loved his students and he wanted to be able to stand alongside them. 


Mr. Bigler understands that teaching is not about him, it is about his students. When he entered into the teaching credential program at Fresno Pacific he heard the mantra Teaching is a Calling to Redemptive Service. Nothing has stuck with him more in his professional and personal life than the idea that teaching is about serving. During his time working at Caruthers Elementary and Middle school (for the Center for Peacemaking at Fresno Pacific) Daniel learned through the tutelage of Ron Classen that love and patience and honesty are the foundation of being human, and teachers should hope to inculcate that in themselves and in whomever they encounter.


Mr. Bigler went on to teach at Caruthers High School. During his time there, he was allowed to take his students to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and has been a true Bardolator ever since. 


Daniel was blessed by his amazing wife with the opportunity to go to Paraguay and teach. After seven years teaching in American Embassy related schools, and after their two amazing children were born, the family returned to the United States. When they returned to the US of A, the Biglers met SVA and knew it was home for their daughter. Mr. Bigler feels blessed by the opportunity to be part of that home. 

Everything is not meaningless.
Check Out These Fun Facts!
Job at SVA: Teacher Mid School ELA & History
Favorite Word: Sesquipedalian
Favorite Color: Lilac
Favorite Beverage: Grapefruit juice & sparkling water

Favorite Snack: Any fresh fruit
Favorite Local Restaurant: Tazzaria
Role Model: Eduardo Galeano
Wanderlust Destination: Andalusia