Sycamore Valley Academy (SVA) is a tuition-free, K-8 Visalia charter school that opened in August of 2012.

The MISSION of our school is to provide a rich, meaningful education in a nurturing environment, where students are continually challenged and their natural curiosity, creativity, and talents can thrive. We are a collaborative community of educators and families working together to help our students grow into virtuous, courageous, and intelligent citizens, equipped with a love of learning and a love of life, and eager to contribute to a better world.


Our VISION: The Academies’ charter schools model transformative change in education by elevating expectations of learning and growth. With grit, tenacity, and empathy, we improve the world around us by embracing challenges as problem-solvers. We create an inclusive community with access to rigorous and enriching educational experiences that challenge and support individuals to achieve their personal best and realize new opportunities.

LA MISIÓN de nuestra escuela es la de proveer una educación valiosa y significativa, en un ambiente enriquecedor, donde los estudiantes son alentados constantemente y su curiosidad natural, su creatividad y talentos pueden desarrollarse. Nuestra escuela es una comunidad colaborativa de educadores y familias trabajando juntos para ayudar a nuestros estudiantes a transformarse en ciudadanos inteligentes, virtuosos y valientes, dotados de amor por el aprendizaje, amor por la vida y deseosos de contribuir a un mundo mejor.

DECLARACIÓN DE VISIÓN: Las escuelas charter de The Academies modelan un cambio transformador en la educación, mediante la elevación de las expectativas de aprendizaje y crecimiento. Con firmeza de carácter, tenacidad y empatía, mejoramos el mundo que nos rodea, aceptando los desafíos como soluciones a problemas. Creamos una comunidad inclusiva con acceso a experiencias educativas rigurosas y enriquecedoras que desafían y apoyan a los individuos para alcanzar la excelencia individual y hacer realidad nuevas oportunidades.


As a result of receiving their K-8 education with us, our alumni will be... 

  • Inquisitive & Critical Thinkers

  • Virtuous, Courageous & Intelligent Individuals

  • Self-motivated, Life-long Learners

  • Confident Leaders for the 21st Century

  • Creative & Effective Problem Solvers

  • Empowered Citizens in a Democratic Society


To achieve these desired learning outcomes, we borrow and merge the best ideas from well-respected educational traditions like Constructivism (including influences such as DeVries, Dewey, Froebel, Montessori, and Steiner) and the Classical Education Model.


Learn more about our Philosophical Influences here.


We offer a site-based, academically accelerated instructional program with thematic units, project-based learning, and enriched curriculum (including Spanish language, hands-on science, service-learning, and arts instruction) to support students who have the desire to work ahead or work deeper in their studies. Our constructivist educational philosophy and program for gifted learners makes our school unique in the area.


Our Founders worked from August 2010 through November of 2011 to develop the SVA charter, build community support, and petition Visalia Unified School District (VUSD) to found the school. These founders still support SVA and help in various capacities as Sycamore Valley Academy works to achieve its mission/vision.


After the charter's approval by VUSD on October 11, 2011, the Board of Directors took control of the governance of the school. Our Board meets on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM. See the current meeting schedule here


Tulare County Office of Education approved the charter for Sycamore Valley Academy and will become the authorizing agency effective July 1, 2017.


To review our School Accountability Report Cards (SARC), required by the California Department of Education, click here.



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"Unimpeded by boredom from busywork or fear of peer attitude,
all that  is brilliant and beautiful about our child is ever more apparent."

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