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For the convenience of our families, SVA has contracted with Visalia Unified School District (VUSD) to provide bus transportation to the SVA campus. SVA and its Board of Directors have chosen to invest in transportation service in order to provide increased access to all SVA families and to ensure equitable community access in the future as SVA continues to grow and expand.



Please complete a separate Bus Service Request Form for every student that wants to ride the bus.


If you need to make temporary or permanent changes to your current schedule, contact the

SVA Office.




SVA students will be transported via yellow bus, operated by VUSD Transportation Services.


The SVA bus service will serve only enrolled SVA students (i.e., the bus will not transport additional student passengers attending other area schools.)


Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child's safety until the child boards the bus and once the child steps off the bus.

For answers to frequently asked questions and additional information about bus service at SVA,

click here.

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