Sycamore Valley Academy is looking for dynamic, smart, talented, and passionate professionals to join our SVA family. Our small size and unique environment make the personality characteristics and knowledge base of each staff member critical for the success of our school. Because we see each employee as crucial, and because we understand the it is truly the people here that make the mission and vision come to life, we are careful and deliberate about whom we hire and how we develop our staff through training and support.


Open Positions

Substitute Teacher

Substitute Instructional Aide


How to Apply

For all instructional positions, the following must be completed in order for your application to be complete:


• Complete the Edjoin application

• Substitutes, complete the Substitute Application and CMO Substitute Hiring Packet

• Aide Substitutes, complete the Aide Substitute Hiring Packet


Our Process

We use the following process to get to know our teacher applicants, and find just the right people to join The Academies family:


• Evaluation of general qualifications and EdJoin application contents

• Interview (applicants are asked to bring a portfolio or an artifact/"show & tell" item)

• Second Interview or Observation


Sycamore Valley Academy is proud to be able to offer our employees highly competitive salaries and benefits.  

 The 2019-20 Salary Schedule is available here.

Substitute Teachers

Substitute Teachers are always needed at SVA! We pay substitute teachers $120 per day. To get on our Sub List, you must submit a Substitute Teacher Application and have Tulare County fingerprint clearance. VUSD fingerprint clearance is NOT accepted.

Who We Are Looking For

Our staff is full of wonderful, kind, and collaborative individuals who are intellectually curious, have a heart for children, and understand the vital role of the educator. Whenever we have opportunities to invite new staff to join us, we look for...



If we want thinking children, we need thinking teachers.  We look for teachers who can reflect on the process of learner, on pedagogy, on the nature of children, and the role of the 21st century educator.  SVA prides itself on being a professional environment that does not micromanage its teachers; we look for teachers who are thoughtful and deliberative, worthy of that trust.



Working at a charter school is fundamentally different than working at a district or private school.  We are nimble and ever-changing as we continuously pursue our mission/vision.  Ideas that bubble up from staff conversations are implementable right away.  We want staff who not only have good ideas or the ability to constructively criticize, but also those who have the "can do!" attitude and offer their own hands to bring the ideas to fruition.



Love is at the forefront of this institution:  love of children, love of learning, love of each other, love of ideas, love of life.  We want optimists who embrace challenge with realistic vision and who work from a place, ultimately, of love.  We want teammates who uplift, who bring their joy and passion to work with them, who assume the best in others at all times.  The work we do is hard!  But it is lightened by a community full of encouragement and love.



Our school has lofty goals.  We don't just want to be an option for families; we want to be an excellent option for families.  We hire staff who believe in children's innate curiosity and propensity to learn, and because of that, have the patience and trust to design lessons that put students in the driver's seat.  We hire staff who believe that our goals (as articulated in our mission/vision, and learning outcomes), while challenging, are worth pursuing and possible to achieve, and who want to give their talents toward that aim.